Players of all levels tried Rood Booster at Texas Music Educators Association's annual convention in San Antonio, February, 2016. 

A New Era Dawns with Reed Booster

Reed Booster harnesses the power of the wind inside your woodwind mouthpiece. It is a product so compellingly effective and elegantly simple that you’ll wonder how you ever played a singe-reed woodwind instrument without it. 

Simply press a new, adhesive-backed Reed Booster onto a fresh reed and your whole set-up transforms, as if on steroids. The magic of Reed Booster is not magic at all—it’s physics. By displacing mass on the reed, the Bernoulli Effect—the same force which keeps airplanes in the air—is harnessed. The airstream around the Reed Booster speeds up and with it a pressure differential is established within  your mouthpiece’s chamber.

Practically speaking, with Reed Booster, a beginning or intermediate player may ascend to a higher-strength reed, and benefit from the intonation advantages of playing a harder reeds. Most intermediate players report that reeds last longer with Reed Booster, too. 

Professional-level players will find they gain tone with Reed Booster. It is the easiest way to change timbre and volume, adding a brilliant edge to the instrument’s tone. All this at a fraction of the new reed, let alone of a new mouthpiece. Experiment with the placement of a Reed Booster and you’ll see how very different your sound can be, in whatever the situation. 

Imagine all these advantages—for all playing levels—at a retail cost that’s less than a cup of joe from your favorite barista. You’ll understand why Reed Booster signals a new dawn for woodwind players.

Hollywoodwinds’ Reed Booster is available for all single-reed woodwind instruments.